Research & development

How the FIFA standard is set

Identifying the players’ needs

The basis of each research study is the identification of players’ needs through interviews, questionnaires or perception studies. Since the players are the ones using the football turf, their input is the most important in order to improve the playing performance and safety. In addition, clubs, coaches and communities are also involved in the process of identifying needs. Their focus however is mainly on the durability and quality assurance.

Research studies by independent universities and test institutes

Once the players’ needs have been identified, FIFA translates them into research studies. Together with universities and test institutes all over the world extensive research in areas such as “Style of Play”, biomechanical research, injuries or maintenance, to mention but a few, has taken place.

Developing testing methods for the Handbook of Requirements

Based on the findings of the research studies, FIFA reviews the current requirements and sets new standards if needed. In order to do so, FIFA, our consultants and the FIFA-Accredited Test Institutes develop testing devices replicating the impact of the player on the field. Therefore, the Handbook of Requirements is updated every 2-3 years.