How to become a licensee

What are the requirements for a Football Turf Licensee?

In order to become a FIFA Licensee for Football Turf, interested companies have to fulfil stringent requirements:

  • ISO 9001 certificate or equivalent
  • Evidence that the company is a tufting company
  • 3 IATS tested fields, plus two additional field references
  • Maintenance guidelines
  • Reference of a qualified civil engineer
  • Product declaration (for the products used at the IATS tested fields)
  • Method statement (for the installation of the 3 IATS tested fields)
  • Business plan covering the company’s intention as a FQP licensee

The necessary information should be filled in in the Application Document together with the additional references. The lab and field test reports have to be submitted to FIFA by the FIFA-accredited test institute directly.

Only if the above-mentioned quality requirements are fulfilled will FIFA grant a licence to the football turf manufacturer. Applications can be submitted to at any time.