adidas brazuca – tried and tested

The name brazuca, the result of a public vote that was conducted online in 2012, is an informal, colloquial description of the Brazilian way of life. The colours and ribbon design of the ball panels symbolise the traditional multi-coloured wish bracelets (fita do Senhor do Bonfirm da Bahia) worn in the country, in addition to reflecting the vibrancy and fun associated with football in Brazil.

While the ball is pleasing to the eye, it has also gone through a rigorous testing procedure over the past two and a half years and came through with flying colours. It was tested by over 600 professional players and 30 teams in ten countries across three continents, making the brazuca the most tested ball in adidas’ history. As with all previous World Cup balls which were certified with a FIFA quality mark, the brazuca meets all FIFA requirements for an official match ball and has deservedly been awarded the highest FIFA quality mark, FIFA APPROVED.

The technology in the bladder and carcass of the brazuca is identical to that used in the Tango 12 (UEFA EURO 12), the Cafusa (FIFA Confederations Cup 2013) and the ever-popular official match ball of the UEFA Champions League. The new surface structure, alongside the unique symmetry of six identical panels, will provide improved grip, touch, stability and aerodynamics on the pitch, and also help players to control the ball despite the ever-increasing speed of the game.

In short, the attractiveness and technical standard of modern football is continually increasing – and the same goes for the latest World Cup ball!