Thoroughly tested

System Test

Consisting of field, laboratory, training and live tests, the purpose of these system tests is to give football leagues, clubs, associations and confederations intending to install goal-line technology the total assurance that the system complies with the Laws of the Game. These tests are conducted under the expert eye of the independent FIFA-accredited test institute EMPA, based in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

While the purpose of the laboratory tests is to examine the components of each technology, e.g. the referee’s watch, the field tests aim primarily at evaluating their robustness in different weather scenarios and match situations. Only if the system fulfils all the necessary criteria will it be registered by FIFA as a licensed goal-line technology system.

Final installation test

This final step in the process verifies the proper installation of the licensed goal-line technology system. The installation test aims to establish the perfect functionality of the system by certifying that the technology performs to the same level in the stadium as it did during the system test. Following a successful installation test and approval by the customer (e.g. the competition organiser), the GLT system will then appear on the official FIFA list of certified installations.


Once the system has been tested, the challenge is to maintain the upkeep of its quality and functionality. Aftercare is an essential part of the sustained quality assurance of the GLT system, which is why its service provider must commit to performing regular post-installation maintenance.

As a final precaution, additional system checks must be carried out by the match officials prior to every official match.